Friday, 27 May 2016

How to choose affordable metering and dosing pump manufacturer in India

Focus Engineer is a leading supplier of Chemical Dosing Pumps and Systems in Chennai, India. We have a wide range of products to cater all your metering applications. Our product range includes Plunger and Diaphragm type Reciprocating Pumps, Rotary Gear Pumps and Chemical Dosing System packages for Water Treatment Equipments.

Dosing Pump Manufacturer in India
Affordable Dosing Pump Manufacturer India
The quality and the standard of the products are ensured by passing through strict quality control measures, according to the national and International standards and practices as well as those developed within after gaining a wide installation experience. The costs of installations of these products are very low with minimum operation and low maintenance cost. These products are designed in such a way that they can meet the contemporary requirements of the customers along with timely execution of services.

Focus Engineerrs - Metering and Dosing pumps are plunger or diaphragm type positive displacement pumps used for feeding intermittently or continuously a controlled quantity of fluid / chemical within pre-determined time or at fixed intervals. Quantity of the dose time or intervening time can be regulated even while in operation. Focus Engineerrs are best & trust metering dosing pump manufacturer in india.

Chemical Dosing Pump Systems
How to Find Chemical Dosing Pump Systems

These are in hot demand by chemical processors, pharmaceuticals, photo film, textile, cosmetics, petroleum, confectionery, detergent, beverages and host of similar industries.

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