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How to Get Safe Drinking Water Treatment Equipments Product in Commercial Market?

While water quality is generally considered good, water treatment equipments system upsets within our aging infrastructure, the presence of heavy metals like lead, and contamination from an ever increasing list of pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals has caused us to rethink how we keep drinking water safe, especially in our schools. Exacerbating the issue is that testing is a point-in-time analysis and a negative result one day doesn’t mean that a particular fountain or sink won’t be contaminated the very next day. This situation is particularly common with lead contamination where piece of lead pipe and lead solder can flake off and become lodged in a fountain head or screen at the end of a sink faucet, creating significant doses of lead contamination. That’s why experts agree that Point-Of-Use (POU) filters are the safest way to protect drinking water from best water treatment equipments system.

Find Water Treatment Equipments
Find Water Treatment Equipments
Focus Engineerrs, a Marmon Water treatment equipments company, has been a leading manufacturer of NSF 42, 53 and NSF P231 certified POU systems for years. Now, to give schools and parents peace of mind, we’ve created a forward thinking Today and Tomorrow strategy using our patented technology to protect our children. We provide a range of product solutions for both fountain and food service applications that both eliminate Today’s lead contamination problem and most other contaminants that will likely come along Tomorrow, such as water boil alerts, VOCs (e.g., insecticides, herbicides, industrial solvents), bacteria, virus and cysts, (such as E.coli, Cryptosporidia, Giardia).

The Safe Fountain System allows schools to retrofit existing drinking water fountains and comes in a tamper-proof box with an automatic shutoff that guarantees proper maintenance. Our Food Services Purification System incorporates pretreatment, industry leading filtration technology, advanced UV treatment, and is completely sealed against accidental contamination to insure the highest quality water and trouble-free operation. All of Focus Safe Water Systems are backed by industry leading quality and an extensive support network of experts that can install and maintain systems, or train and monitor your maintenance team as appropriate. We also offer regularly scheduled lead testing as part of our total protection plans. Chemical Dosing System is available for Purchase or Rental.

How to Select Perfect Water Treatment Equipments System: 

The Safe Fountain System is designed to reduce most common contaminants found in the water distribution system including lead, VOC, bacteria, virus and cysts ensuring that the water you drink is safe, even in the event of a local boil alert.

New Standard For Water Purity System: 

NSF 53 – Certified for 99.3% lead (both colloidal and dissolved lead) and VOC removal.
NSF P231 – Certified for 99.9% bacteria, virus and cysts removal.


A Point-Of-Use approach designed to remove a wide range of typical water contaminants, assuring safe drinking water regardless of municipal system upsets, water main breaks or plumbing problems. Systems come equipped with an automatic shut-off that monitors flow and turns off after the rated number of gallons is reached.

Focus Engineerrs exclusive microbiological filter is designed to provide clean healthy water, even in the event of a boil water alert. In fact, the system automatically shuts down under excessive bacteria loading. Tamper proof cabinet protects the system from accidental damage and associated water leaks. The industrial design also ensures problem free operation for years to come.

Drinking Water Treatment Equipments
Drinking Water Treatment Equipments
Professional Installation and Service Options:

Focus Engineerrs offers professional installation and maintenance, through its extensive dealer network, along with rental options to suit any user’s budget.

Patented Technology:

The Safe Fountain System uses two patented technologies, MetSorb, a unique absorber that captures lead, and FACT particulate filters to remove fine particles and prevent system fouling.

Focus Engineerrs Other Services: 

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