Friday, 7 October 2016

What Kind of Metering & Dosing Pump Manufacturers Implement in Water Treatment Equipments Plant?

You understand the need to filter your drinking water. With all of the reports that have come out recently about all of the toxins and pollutants in our water, it's hard not to understand the need for water treatment equipment at home. Recently several reports came out about finding prescription drugs in our water supplies.

Dosing & Metering Pump Manufacturers India
Dosing & Metering Pump Manufacturers India
But it's not much of a mental leap to go from the need to filter just your drinking water to the need to filter your cooking water, too. After all, those pesticides found in our drinking water are not going to break down and become benign just because you heated them up for a little while unless you make use of the best metering pump manufacturers in India.

Stay away from reverse osmosis equipment

Reverse osmosis equipment is expensive and does not do what many people think it does. If you are not familiar with it reverse osmosis exposes water under pressure to a semi permeable membrane with a very fine pore structure. Many inorganic contaminants have a larger molecular size than water.

The membrane rejects certain contaminants, minerals and a large part of the water. There are a lot of harmful things that still get through the membrane such as herbicides and pesticides and require use of a carbon filter adding to the cost. It also wastes a tremendous amount of water because of the way it works.

The dosing pump manufacturer in India also filters out beneficial minerals and actually makes water acidic, which is not healthy.

Point-of-use distillation

This process has your water go over a hot coil, making the water vaporize and become gaseous. This process is not very good at removing organic chemicals, since they typically vaporize at a lower temperature than water does and are transferred in the steam. Bottom line, it's not very effective water treatment equipments.

So, if you're concerned about cooking water, too, then whole house water treatment might certainly be the way to go. You can accomplish this by buying one of those counter top filters. They hook up to your faucet and filter the water as it comes out. As far as water treatment equipment, these types of water filters are relatively inexpensive, durable, and easy to use.

Unfortunately, if you're just filtering your drinking and cooking water, you're missing a big source of pollutants entering your body, which is through your skin. Your skin is an organ just as your heart or liver is. As a matter of fact, besides protecting your body, your skin's major function is to eliminate toxins. Just as your body can eliminate toxins through your skin, it can ingest toxins through your skin.

Obviously, this piecemeal approach to water filtration is not the best. That's probably less than filtering each faucet's water. Also, you don't have as much upkeep, not to mention the expense of changing all those filters every six months. Having chemical dosing system is best all around. It's cheaper, more convenient, and certainly better for your health.


You can get just as many toxins into your skin during a hot bath or shower as you can drink a glass of unfiltered water. Not only that, but if you have chlorinated water, the heat from the bath can vaporize certain carcinogenic dosing pump manufacturer in india, which you then breathe in.

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