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How to Choose Chemical Metering Pump System Manufacturers for Automotive Industry in India?

Focus Engineerrs pumps are Leading Metering-Dosing Pump Manufacturers in India. It provides innovative design, quality workmanship and reliability. We make highly precise Reciprocating pumps which are tested to confirm international standards. These Pumps are available in two different designs, Plunger type and Diaphragm type. The Metering Pumps are being supplied to handle all sorts of liquids.

Metering-Dosing Pump Manufacturers India
Leading Metering-Dosing Pump Manufacturers India
How to Choose Best Metering-Dosing Pump Manufacturers for Automative Industry in India:.

The uses of metering-dosing pumps in the automotive industry include the following:

Hydrogen fuel cell research and development for both the humidification and fuel injector systems.
Encapsulating coating materials in the manufacture of stator, armatures, and distributors – this can include anti-corrosives, lubricants, and more.

Verifying gasoline octane ratings and adding octane to fuels used in vehicles, as well as adding anti-corrosives, colorants, and other additives to the fuels that automobiles use every day.

Automotive paint spraying, providing even flow and measured amounts for consistent application. These pumps provide a flow that prevents any dead spots in the paint job or any heavy spots. By having the smallest of tolerances, this makes for reproducible quality across every vehicle, so the automotive line shows consistency and quality.

Usage in the machining area, as parts of machine tools, in chiller applications, filtration of water, and the washing of parts. The precision of a metering pump ensures efficient fluid output in all of these areas, optimizing fluid usage.

Surface cleaning, where the ability to run a range of temperatures through the pumps and the durability of the parts can allow the precise use of hot or cold cleaning solutions, as well as a range of chemical dosing system.

Dispensing insulating materials evenly throughout an automobile, including sound-insulation, noise-dampening, and temperature insulation. This can help to insure that sound reduction is at a maximum, or that the proper components are protected by the proper amount of insulation.

Chemical Metering & Dosing Pump System Manufacturers India
Chemical Metering & Dosing Pump System Manufacturers India
Chemical Dosing Pump Manufacturers India :

Application : 

Metering pumps are generally used in applications where low discharge in lit/hr. is required.
High system pressure exists.
Where the accurate feed rate demanded.
Viscous slurries or fluids need to be pumped.
High temp, corrosive, hazardous fluids to be handled.
Dosing in reverse osmosis systems. DM water treatment equipments plants.
Dosing of slurries in spray dryers, distilation coloumns.

Advantage : 

Flow and press can be adjustable as desired by setting the adjusting knob.(turn down ratio 10: 1)
The stroke of the pump can be controlled by manually.
Pumps are available in different material of construction to handle different chemicals as per the suitability.

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