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How to Find Ceramic Dosing and Metering Pump Manufacturer India?

Focus Engineerrs provides valveless, ceramic metering and dosing pumps have proven to be reliable, useful pieces of machinery that are effective across a wide range of industries.  For applications that need a precise dose, over millions of repeating cycles, without regular need for repair or re-calibration, the best choice available are our valveless ceramic dosing and metering pump manufacturer in india.

Dosing Pump Manufacturer India
Ceramic Dosing Pump Manufacturer India
Working Flow of Ceramic Dosing & Metering Pump System India:

One area where our pumps excel is in metering concentrated hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is used across a variety of applications, including:

1. Use during the aseptic packaging process for a variety of foods and products
2. Low-temperature sterilization for clean rooms and hospital operating rooms
3. Component and instrument sterilization
4. Sporicidal activity
5. Cosmetic applications including hair and teeth bleaching
6. Production of sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate
7. Unreliable or imprecise metering of hydrogen peroxide can lead to issues.
These include failure to properly sterilize, or an overdose of hydrogen peroxide that could cause contamination.

Ceramic Dosing and Metering Pump Manufacturer India:

Our pumps utilize a ceramic piston as the only moving part, meaning that it is the only moving part that is in contact with the fluid. We use ceramic because it is chemically inert and dimensionally stable, which ensures that over time it can withstand chemicals, as well as any wear and tear. The pumps use our Ceramic pumping principle that uses the ceramic piston for both pumping and valving functions, allowing for a compact design that does not require check valves. This in turn reduces the need for maintenance, while allowing for the precision you require without a need for regular recalibration.

Chemical Dosing Pump System Manufacturer India
Ceramic Chemical Dosing Pump Manufacturer India
Of course, working with hydrogen peroxide is not the only way that our metering pumps can be used. At Focus Engineerrs, we provide a variety of pumps, available in a wide range of laboratory, production, process, and OEM instrumentation applications and can help you figure out the right pump for your need. Simple, complex, fixed, or variable, we can help you choose the correct water treatment equipments, including hazardous duty pumps.

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