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How to use Water Treatment Equipments for RO Water Fileration in Industry?

Water Treatment Equipments for Water Filtration :

Filtration equipments are used to remove contaminates or separate a mixture of different elements. There are different types of filtration equipments available such as the sedimentation equipment, gravity filtration, pressure filtration, Vacuum filtration, etc.

Water Treatment Equipments for RO Water Fileration
Water Treatment Equipments for RO Water Fileration
Types of Water Treatment Equipments :

1. Sedimentation Equipment:

It uses a gravitational or chemical process to make particles to settle down at the bottom at sediments.

2. Gravity Filtration Equipment: 

It makes use of the hydrostatic pressure of a pre-filter column to generate the flow of the filtrate.

3. Vacuum Filtration: 

Vacuum filtration is a part of liquid-solid separation equipment. Vacuum filtration are available in batch and continuous operating cycles. Continuous Vacuum filters are often used in Water processing industry.

Focus Engineerrs are specialized in RO Water and bottled water projects and the equipments are tailor made. In addition to the above Focus product range meet the industries expanding requirement for treated water of varying purity level for a wide range of applications. Chemical Dosing System

Focus Engineerr's  water treatment equipments system are available from standard package type to custom built installations for high purity water.

Water Treatment Equipments Plant Process
Water Treatment Equipments Plant Process

Water Treatment Equipments Plant :

Conventional water treatment concepts blended with Modern technology is offered by Canadian Crystalline in their pressure sand filter, activated carbon filter, de-mineralizers, softener, iron removal filter, fluoride removal of plants, ozonators, ultra violet sterilizers, ultra filtration, micro filters, nano filtration, electro deionization, reverse osmosis system and so on.

Focus Engineerrs advanced research and development wing has developed systems for various applications in prime industries like off shore oil rigs, fertilizers, hospitals & refineries, etc.
It's also provides domestic & international dosing pump manufacturer in india & other country.

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