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Top 10 Water Treatment Equipments Company in India

Here is a list of top 10 water treatment equipments company in India. These are the top companies involved in drinking water, waste water, Industrial & municipal, sewage water and Effluent water treatment sector. Ranking process of these best Waste water treatment companies in India is frequently being updated by our expert team.

Top 10 Water Treatment Equipments
Top 10 Water Treatment Equipments Plant in India

1. VA Tech Wabag GMBH 
Corporate office – Chennai, India, Establishment –1924.
Business – Water Treatment & Website –
VA Tech Wabag is headquartered in Chennai and Vienna; and world’s largest Industrial water treatment organization founded in 1924. Its product offering includes Water treatment, Industrial water treatment, sea water desalination, waste water treatment and sludge treatment.

2. Thermax India
Corporate office – Pune, Maharashtra, Establishment – 1980.
Business – Waste Water treatment & Website –
One of the leading water treatment companies in India, Thermax is a well known waste water solution provider to industries and Municipal Corporation. With more than 25 years of experience in the field, Thermax offers complete range of technical water treatment solution to all industry domains such as Paper, Chemical, Energy, Power, Health sector etc.

3. GE Water
Corporate office – Bangalore, India, Establishment – 1892
Business – Water treatment & Website –
GE water and process technologies offers water treatment, waste water treatment and water process solutions. Its product portfolio includes Cooling tower treatment, filters, membranes, boiler water treatment, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Water analytical instruments, waste water treatment and many more. Company has significant market share in Industrial water treatment in India.

4. Siemens Water 
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra & Establishment – 1969
Business –Water Treatment & Website –
Siemens has a significant market share in water treatment sector apart from its core business of electrical and electronics equipment. Its product portfolio includes waste water treatment, processed water, Drinking water treatment, water treatment plant and municipal and industrial waste water treatment systems. Siemens is also ranked among the top 10 water treatment companies in India.

5. Focus Engineerrs
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Establishment – 1998
Business – Water Treatment Equipments  & Website –
A Tata enterprise, Voltas water & treatment is business division involved in waste water treatment and industrial sewage treatment. The company was established in year 1977 and its product offering are – Water treatment for Public supply, Sewage treatment and Effluent treatment. It is a leading waste water treatment company in India which serves to textile, sugar, chemical, paper and food processing industry sector.

6. Hindustan Dorr-oliver limited 
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra, Establishment – 1981
Business – Water Treatment, Website –
Hindustan dorr oliver limited is a first waste water and water treatment company in India. Its major services include wastewater treatment, water recycle & reclamation and sewage treatment plants. The company has successfully completed many prestigious water treatment projects for government, PSU and private sector since its inception in year 1981.

7. Wog Technologies
Corporate office – New Delhi, India, Establishment – 2011
Business – Semiconductor & Website –
Wog Technologies is a multi-disciplinary organization in providing water, waste water treatment and renewable energy services for Industrial and municipal sector. The company is a well known brand in Water treatment companies in India and its treatment technologies including – Anaerobic, MBR, AnMBR treatment technology.

8. UEM India Pvt. Ltd 
Corporate office – Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Establishment – 1973
Business – Water & Waste Water Treatment & Website – www.
Established in year 1973, UEM group is specialized in providing turnkey solution in the waste water and Water treatment. The company has completed over 350+ Industrial and commercial water treatment projects across 30 countries worldwide including India, USA, Thailand and Kenya.

9. SFC Environmental Technologies Private Limited 
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra, Establishment – 2005
Business – waste Water treatment & Website –
Among the top 10 waste water treatment companies in India, SFC Environmental technologies Pvt limited is a part of SFC group and has offices in 7 countries including India. The company started India operation in year 2005 expertise in industrial waste water & sewage water treatment for Industries, cities and metro towns.

10. Ion exchange India ltd
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra & Establishment – 1964
Business – Waste Water & Water Treatment & Website –
One of the leading water treatment companies in India, ION exchange is a premier company which was founded in 1964. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company and service offering includes water treatment, water recycle, waste water treatment & chemical dosing system etc.,

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