Friday, 10 June 2016

Find the Best Chemical Dosing Metering Pumps System Manufacturer Chennai, India

Focus Engineerrs are premier chemical dosing and metering pump manufacturer in india. It provides leading chemical dosing metering system in porur, chennai. These dosing pumps are designed to move materials, acids, chemicals, coolants, hazardous fluid materials & lubricants. Our dosing pumps are inspected in terms of quality so as to dispatch a defect free range. These dosing pumps are appropriate for handling hazardous, toxic, abrasive, viscous, polluting and sensitive fluids in different industries.

Best Chemical Dosing System Manufacturer
Best Chemical Dosing System Manufacturer
Chemical Dosing System Features:

1. Impact resistance
2. Corrosion resistance
3. High strength

How to Buy Water Treatment Equipments Plant for Industry:

Water treatment equipments plant treat water from various sources like rivers and lakes. Water from these sources has to be purified to remove floating objects like sticks and other solids of larger dimensions, finer particulate matters, color, odor, pollutants and harmful bacteria and microbes.

Water Treatment Equipments Plant
Water Treatment Equipments Plant
Water will still contain some turbidity and other organics. An activated carbon filter is used to remove these impurities along with any remaining colored materials and odor-causing chemicals. Final polishing of this water is carried out by sand filters, and this water is taken to storage vessels. A small amount of chlorine can be used to treat this water to prevent bacterial contamination before the supply to the distribution system.

Thus, water from natural sources can be fully purified and disinfected and then stored in underground storage tanks.

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