Thursday, 30 June 2016

Which is the Best Water Treatment Equipments & Filter System in Chennai, India?

You are going to purchase a water filter and do not what is the best water filter that fit your budget and whole house or apartment use.

1. Ceramic Filters:

I recommend ceramic filters as a healthiest filters. Analysis shows the effect of the output of a single treatment systems after 8 months of use that acidity and a few humans have been drinking sour, which is not healthy, so the consumer should not buy these filters Instead it resorts to the ceramic filters.

Water Treatment Equipments Filtration System
Water Treatment Equipments Filtration System
Perhaps the danger in drinking distilled water free of salts is not limited to loss of important materials such as sodium, potassium, chemical dosing pump system, chloride and trace elements such as magnesium in the human body, but up to a threat to human health through the most serious symptoms of diseases related to water pollution water-borne diseases, or water salinity problems.

Ceramic filter is clean and environment-friendly, unlike other types that cause change the cartridge, or one of its contents to the major pollution of the environment around us. Water filters cheaper price now is ceramic filters also do not need to parts manufacturing because it is made of ceramic material and some of the other pieces that show the validity period of the largest in use, especially home and then say that the most suitable candidate for water for domestic use is the ceramic filters.

Ceramic filter for filtering salt water keeps the salts and minerals necessary for the body such as sodium, potassium and chlorine, chemical metering dosing system as the Objection the gaps in the ceramic to prevent the passage of salts heaviest such as calcium carbonate limestone, which cause water hardness and not fit for use at home.

2. Activated Carbon Water Filter:

Active carbon filter is a type of water treatment equipment that uses property absorption in active carbon for water purification . A filter made ??of stainless steel and has a crust of active carbon " Charcoal " , which can absorb impurities biodegradable in water. Used an earlier stage in the water treatment plants using reverse osmosis technology and the goal is to protect the RO membrane from damage by chlorine found in sea water. Remove tastes and odors , and thus improve water quality and taste. Effectively eliminate organic substances and chemicals and hazardous as after emerging active carbon filter water the density of organic dissolved materials should be less than 1mg/L.

Carbon filter is used primarily to absorb the residual chlorine and organic materials and some coloring materials , and hazardous materials in the raw water , and reduce the momentum in reverse osmosis plants. Water filtration rate is usually higher than or equal to 1200 mm.

The Principle of the Activated Carbon Adsorption:

The concentration of the surface layer of a balanced form a barrier of active carbon particles, and then is absorbed organic impurities in the active carbon particles. With the passage of time, the ability of active carbon absorption weaken due to the impact of reduced absorption. Moreover, the capacity of active carbon is in direct proportion to the last contact with the water. The longer the contact time, the greater the quality of filtered water.

In the quality of the water treatment equipments system. Activated Carbon filter can absorb the  residual active chlorine , which was not able to remove it in the previous stages of filtration (pre-filtration is sand filters and cotton filters) to prevent the reverse osmosis membrane to be oxidized in the last nomination . Besides, it can be active carbon filter that absorbs small organic molecules and other contaminated materials leaked from the nomination of the previous phase , as well as the judiciary and off colloids , and coloring materials and heavy metal ions in water . As a result , it is reduced spatial to less than 5 and a table of contents is less than 2.0 ppm.

3. Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems:

If you add the external pressure on the solution and the pressure was higher than the osmotic pressure, the solvent in the solution will pop off pure solvent , separating the solution from the solvent. This is the reverse osmosis. Using reverse osmosis membrane technology can isolate the solvent from water as well as the intensification of heat-sensitive metals. However, the water must be provided convergence conditions silt density index of not more than 5 , and turbidity less than 1.0 NTU, and there is no residual chloride dioxide or similar.

The reverse osmosis devices are used widely in the field of electronics and chemical engineering , printing , pharmacy, and the areas of water.

The Basics of Reverse Osmosis Filtration:

Semi-permeable membrane permeability enjoy optional water can permeate through the membrane while salt can not. Added pressure difference between the cabin and the cabin brine purified water is greater than the osmotic pressure , forcing the water to move the cabin from salt to fresh water compartment. Inorganic ions , viruses and organic materials , colloids and other impurities in the water using reverse osmosis technology can be removed partially, and can therefore access to clean water of high quality.

Chemical Dosing System for RO Water
Chemical Metering Dosing System for RO Water
Reverse Osmosis Device Specifications:

RO system is the most important part of the water purification system, he can remove most of the salt, organic and most organic material and microbes from the water. During phase separation, not getting in late or change any pollution to the environment and RO device is small in size and specialized high rate of desalination in addition to the automated control that can be understood easily. Devices reverse osmosis membrane is made of poly Amide, a substance is non-toxic and do not decompose faithful to the water. Average rate of a membrane desalination and exceeding 98%.

Systems utilize RO to purify water is designed on the basis of the characteristics of the various water which is also supported by software designed by professional engineers, and enjoy the life long work, along with that system osmosis reverse our adapts automatically with a rinsing and irrigation pharmacist, to wash away the pollution and ensure the efficiency of high-performance water treatment equipments manufacturer india.


All information used in comparisons of water filtration systems were brought to you on the basis of scientific ideas and techniques for each industrial filters that are traded in the markets now. focus engineerrs are one of the affordable metering dosing pump manufacturer in india.