Thursday, 23 June 2016

How to Learn about RO Water Treatment Equipment System for Home Purpose?

When talking to a friend about the drinking water, he said, "We do not have that problem at home, because we filter the water (aqua gaurd filter) that we use". Here we are learn about how to get ro water from water treatment equipments system for home & industry.

To him, but he did not buy a water filter for water will receive an annual cash payments. The money of the United States, Europe, research institutions, such as the filter goes. Whatever the case that if you laugh. they marakkariyaip (our town istiri carriages used in the box) designs using the filters on that.

Water Treatment Equipments for RO Water
Water Treatment Equipments for RO Water

In third world countries, they cut down the trees and destroying their livelihood, which is taken from the vegetables in the water. but somehow it stung a little of the toxic chemicals in order to use a seasoning. Check that you, the new filter turbid water from the black color comes first.

RO Water Purification & Filtration by Chemical Dosing System :

You can set up a filter in your home and spending a penny. 100% pure, no side effect. Also, if you are out of the country within which science payanpatuttinirkal filter for your children and your children will be gone .. but this time they will learn from science to you. Tell to your offspring.

Your children are encouraged to think much of this kind of small things.

Retrieve managing alien. It was a waste of your electricity bill. Someone's livelihood destroyed sin and culpability yourself. 20-liter bottle of water at the rate of two a week, using a total of 8 months per year, you can save up to $ 3000 -4000.

It is time to act on the internet site.

Rocks - foil pebbles or small stones.
coarse Sand - caral sand. (When you sift sand mincuratu)
charcoal - erikkappatta timber (70% to 90% erincatu).
fine sand - flower in the sand, well calikkappatta sand.
cotton cloth: cloth placed between each of the layers will be all right. It has not shown in this picture.
Cut the root - use a layer (Optional).

The largest vessel to your requirements (such as old water bottles and 20 liter water can) you can use. If possible, utilize manpanaiyai embedded in the base of the tube. During the tour, a visit to the water, you can use this.
How mere gray (charcoal) You say that you do not put the tooth brush "paste" And we are giving you paste "charcoal" Do not be deceived by the emarriyavaru us to hear that.

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