Thursday, 23 June 2016

What is Water Treatment Equipments System for RO Water Purification in Home?

Water Treatment Equipments System :

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a filtration method where water treatment equipment is forced through a semi permeable membrane to reduce total dissolved solids and contaminants to supply fresh drinking water. A typical residential reverse osmosis system will have 3 to 5 stages of filtration consisting of a 5 micron pre-filter or Carbon block filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Activated carbon post filter, In-line post carbon filter and holding tank. The pre-filter is simply designed to remove sediment and some particulates before the membrane or protect the membrane from chlorinated water supplies with a Carbon block pre-filter. The RO membrane is the primary stage of filtration and removes up to 99% of contaminants in the water.  Many of these contaminants are VDS (Chemical Dosing System) which the carbon filtration stage is designed to reduce/remove and polish the water as a final phase before delivery to the faucet or refrigerator.

RO Water Treatment Equipment Process

The RO Water Treatment Equipments Process:

The RO membrane consists of many layers of spiral wound filaments which restrict the passage of contaminants and force them to the drain.  The product water is drawn from the inside of the membrane and sent to a storage tank before it goes through final carbon filtration as it goes to the RO faucet or refrigerator.  A typical residential Reverse Osmosis system can make anywhere from 10-75 gallons per day of high quality water depending on the TDS of the incoming water supply, feed pressure and temperature of the water. Generally the higher the TDS less product water and lower quality water will be created. For high TDS water a “Booster Pump” is used to boost the incoming water pressure to the membrane to improve quality and quantity of water produced.

There are three styles of residential RO water treatment equipments system:

 1.  Basic RO system with 3-5 stages of filtration

 2.  3-4 stage RO system with one piece manifold

 3.  3-5 stage RO system with quick change filters

Reverse Osmosis (RO) storage tanks come in many sizes to accommodate necessary water storage.

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