Wednesday, 29 June 2016

How to Find an Industrial & Commercial Water Treatment Equipments Manufacturer in Chennai, India

Focus Engineerrs is a leading edge commercial and industrial water treatment equipments manufacturer. We design and manufacture commercial and industrial water treatment systems for schools, hotels, apartments, health care facilities, manufacturers and other higher volume water users needing high quality water. It continually invests in research and development to provide our customers the most efficient, innovative, and environmentally friendly products and technology on the market.

Our modular design approach gives us the flexibility to custom design systems with standard components that meet a wide range of commercial and industrial water treatment applications.  With a water treatment system from Focus Engineerrs, you’ll save on energy, operating expenses, plumbing repairs and general maintenance.  Plus, your Focus Engineerrs will be available for your business’ water treatment service needs.

Commercial Water Treatment Equipments Plant
Commercial Water Treatment Equipments Plant

1. Softeners :

Provides soft water to reduce water heating costs and equipment wear and use less soaps and chemicals.

2. RO & Drinking Water :

Provides high purity water for boiler feed, contaminant reduction, spot-free rinse and other processes.

3. Problem Water & Filtration Systems :

Provides chlorine taste and odor removal, sediment removal, and is customizable based on your contaminant removal needs

4.  Cooling / Process Water Treatment Equipments Plants:

Our Cooling / Process Water Treatment solution offers an environmentally-friendly water treatment technology used in HVAC, process cooling and refrigeration systems to effectively control scale, biological growth and corrosion without the use of chemicals.

Drinking Water Treatment Equipments
Drinking Water Treatment Equipments
We are the leading manufacturer of water treatment equipments plant & chemical dosing system that is used in oil & gas industry, chemical industry, manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, residential complexes and many more. It is the process of making water suitable to be discharged in rivers or ocean by treating toxic and harmful contaminants. Here, the process involves treating water for drinking purpose and for separating solid using physical method such as settling & filtration and chemical processes such as disinfection & coagulation. The plants we offer are built on international parameters and advanced technology, making it highly durable and efficient. The plant is completely corrosion free and does not require regular maintenance, making it cost effective solution. 

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